Roblox Player :- Everything you Need to know

Roblox is online game platform that allows its users to create own game using roblox studio. Games that are formed under roblox studio make use of particular coding language known as lua. 

The people who play roblox games are known as roblox players. The game allows its players to sell, buy and make virtual items.

Now it has to be noted that clothes can be brought by any player but when it comes to selling only the players who have the builder’s club membership can sell them.

Roblox administrator has the power to sell gear, accessories and packages or trade with the players of the builders club. If you are new to roblox games then keep in mind that robux generator uses a virtual currency known as the robux.

With the help of this virtual currency you can buy various things inside the game. In order to earn robux daily you need to get a membership.


 The developers of roblox are known for holding virtual events one such event is known as the easter egg hunt. Further in order to promote their games and items they usually be the sponsor of new movies and other media where games and new items can be showcased.

Now you may be thinking are roblox games are worth your time then the answer yes. During the latest roblox conference held in 2017 it was announced that the developers of the roblox have collectively collected an amount of $30 million.

Local newspapers even reported that one of the developers of roblox have successfully covered his undergraduate education at duke university with the money that was earned. One of the most popular games played on roblox is known as the jailbreak.

This game has gripping storyline coupled with simple gameplay. Thus game was featured with the movie event of ready player one

Toy line

As roblox games started gaining popularity. Roblox developers thought that base can now be shifted to toy line. Toys were generated keeping in mind the characters of the game.

Furthermore the first announcement of mini figures came in February blog. These mini figures were of the similar resemblance of Lego mini figures.  These mini figures have limbs and accessories that can be interchangeable. Furthermore when you would buy any of these mini figures you will get a code which used to get virtual items in the game.

Recognition and awards

  • Listed as the fastest growing company in America
  • Award for excellence given by san mateo county
  • Best tech and innovation award by san Francisco business times
  • Fast 500 by deloitte’s technology

Now if you are a parent and then thinking that wheatear this game is safe for your child or not? Then put your mind at ease because this game is completely safe. You will have the ability to restrict your child from talking to strangers and keep it minimal with few friends. This can be done as parental feature is available inside the game. Now with this feature many parents are allowing their children to play this game without having to worry what might pop up in the screen.

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