All Fortnite Characters & Skins [2019]

Forniite characters are basically known as heroes. Their main job is to save the world from the challenges that come in their way.

Now Heroes are divided into four main characters and sub divided into number of different classes. 

Now it has to be noted that every hero can have theior own battlefield and also can build their own hero.  The subclasses are known to have unique traits and availability. ( i am currently using this free v bucks generator

Subclasses are dived into four parts. These can be known as the constructor, ninja, outlander and soldier. In these game soldiers play an important part, where the soldiers can contribute in building the teams firepower like defuffing enemies, combat focussed abilities and shredding husks


This class that is focussed in providing traps that would improve your teams defence and also give you a hold on crowd.

The skills of a constructor mainly focus on resistance, repair speed, improving fortitude and unlock upgrades.

Basically this class will allow you to make your structures better and provide you with more heath.

Furthermore they also specialise in unlocking major evolutions like hardware, weapons, clubs and traps


This is one of the most important classes that is available on fortnite. They tend to have a high mobility because they are characterised by high base movements and double jump. Furthermore they also have an affinity for weapons namely melee.

Having this feature increases their feature in close combat. They can fight the husks head on but it faced by one main downfall. The only demerit of this class is that low shield and health.

Thus it very important for the player to take the advantage of their mobility in order to dodge damages. This class is mainly focussed improving tech and offenses. They are also helpful in unlocking scythes, axes, spars and swords.

This class comes with 11 different characters which can be combined into a particular sub class. 

In this game it is very common to release a skin for the subclass. For instance the character ken is mainly associated with sword master and flees foot. Now the character ken can also come with the subclass assassin.

When a hero is unlocked or upgraded a new set of characteristics emerge. These can involve squad bonuses, abilities and hero perks. This article will list down some of the common traits that is found in this game


This is another set fortnite character that is available in the game. This set of class mainly foucusees on finding treasures and harvesting resources. They have increased speed which helps them in making loot.

Furthermore they also have the ability to find out different fragments in the map and then use them to unlock special gadgets like loot liams and teddy sentry turret.

One of the main skills of this class is to improve resistance and tech. furthermore they also have the feature to upgrade the backpack in order to have improved harvesting.

coming to the subclass of outlander it has 19 subclasses which are equipped with individual  perks and bonuses

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